Let me tell you about NTU – Matthew Tan, Year 2 Materials Science & Engineering

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Matthew Tan
Year 2
Materials Science & Engineering

The School of Materials Science & Engineering is a close-knit one where everyone knows each other. It’s almost like a family. It has initiatives like peer tutoring and tea sessions with academic mentors to foster friendship and make sure no one gets left behind. It also has a student-focused environment. We have events like the Material Exposition Week with industrial visits and workshops.

Since entering materials science & engineering, I have nurtured an interest in research, especially in biomaterials. Unlike studying from notes, there’s no known solution when doing research. Once, my research group was tasked to form a hydrogel. It took many attempts but when it was finally successful, I felt on top of the world. It was as if I could accomplish anything.

This semester, I’m studying the electrical properties of materials, useful should I embark on a career in the semiconductor industry. At the same time, I’m taking a module in polymers. To me, this shows the versatility of materials science. It’s challenging sometimes because it combines knowledge from physics and chemistry, but the professors make it easier.

I remember once just before an examination for a difficult module, our lecturer, Asst Prof Aravind Dasari, squeezed almost 10 of us inside his office when we approached him for help. It must have been uncomfortable for him but he was kind and patient with us.

Outside the classroom, I’m making full use of my time. I represented NTU in rugby in the Singapore University Games in my first year, played sports for my hall and was part of the social subcommittee. You might say I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I’ve got a big appetite!

Did you know?

  • NTU is ranked second in the world in materials science by US News & World Report 2016, behind only Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • For the new academic year, students studying materials engineering can choose two new second majors to broaden their future job prospects – pharmaceutical engineering and medical biology.
  • Passionate undergrads with outstanding academic scores are selected for the school’s Leadership Excellence Programme. Perks include participation in communication and leadership workshops and being appointed ambassador for outreach events.

Story reproduced with permission from NTU’s magazine, HEY!, issue 26. For more HEY! stories, click here