Let me tell you about NTU – Ng Kok Choong, Year 2 Mechanical & aerospace engineering and Ilmi Wahab, Year 3 Computer science & engineering

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HEY! susses out 17 students from different NTU programmes to get insider information on their schools and courses

By Chrystal Chan and Derek Rodriguez


Ng Kok Choong
Year 2
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

I’m the designated driver for the 3D-printed car. It isn’t just because I drive like Lewis Hamilton, but I’m also the lightest one among the team members.

I like cars, so joining the team was a no-brainer. And like Ilmi, I’m a hands-on person who builds things in my free time. I am planning to put a refrigerator together using spare parts.

Joining NTU was an easy decision for me. NTU has a very good reputation so coming here was a natural step after junior college. Since my freshman year, I’ve been part of the Leadership Development Programme in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. I’m also in a subcommittee in the NTU Students’ Union.

If you are looking for me, you will probably find me in the Student Activities Centre. Not playing snooker or video games but in meetings for the Students’ Union to discuss how to improve campus life for NTU students!

Did you know?

  • The School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering has established industry partnerships in areas such as 3D printing, naval architecture and marine engineering and robotics. This brings frontline industry problems to the classroom, exposing students to current issues.
  • Aerospace engineering graduates are amongst the highest-earning fresh NTU hires.
  • Strong fundamentals in mathematics and a practical skillset make mechanical engineering graduates viable candidates for many different fields, including business management, marketing, communications and banking.
  • Prof Louis Phee, the Chair of the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, entered NTU as a freshman in 1992. His first NTU lecture as a shy young man was in Lecture Theatre 1, where most of the school’s lectures are still held today.

Ilmi Wahab

Year 3
Computer Science & Engineering

I’ve been working on 3D-printed cars for the last three years. The first car I helped to build was made of plywood. It was a lot heavier than the current version!

In the innovation lab, I’ve used state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D printers, which I consider a real privilege. In this space conducive to innovation, I’ve also invented quirky gadgets, which is my hobby.

I’m now making a heart rate monitor for sportsmen that takes the guesswork out of training. I test it on Kok Choong whenever he takes the car for a spin. He doesn’t quite fancy being my guinea pig though.

Did you know?

  • In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, the School of Computer Engineering has embarked on research in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cyber security, cloud computing, game innovation, urban and sustainability informatics, and the Internet of Things.
  • Those from this school have no problems getting jobs. Based on the annual graduate employment survey, students here emerge among Singapore’s top-earning fresh graduates, with 90% of them employed before graduation.
  • NTU is ranked 7th in the world for computer science in US News & World Report 2016.
  • Famous alumni include Tan Chade-Meng, the first Singaporean hired at Google’s headquarters in the US, and Leo Chen, the founder of online cosmetics company Jumei, who became an overnight billionaire after listing his company on the New York Stock Exchange.
They built their very own race car
 Ilmi and Kok Choong are boys next door who realised their dreams in NTU. The 3D-printed car they built has even been featured on US-based channel CNBC. Ilmi and Kok Choong have crossed international waters as well, having raced the car in competitions overseas. Catch them on NTUsg YouTube.

Story reproduced with permission from NTU’s magazine, HEY!, issue 26. For more HEY! stories, click here