Are you an A-lister, a sports jock or a tech genius?

Are you an A-lister, a sports jock or a tech genius?

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  • Posted 2 years ago
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With so many courses in NTU, how do you know which ones suit you best? A little self-understanding will go a long way

By Chrystal Chan, Derek Rodriguez, Ang Huimin, Aloysius Boh and Zach Chia
Illustrations by Steven Jap

The tech genius

It truly baffles you how people once lived without computers. To you, computers are the best invention since sliced bread. Java is not coffee or an island in Indonesia but a programming language you know.

While you are definitely one smart cookie, you’re not always the top student because of your less stellar performance in subjects like Literature or History, which to you is pretty irrelevant. After all, why look back when the future is so much more exciting? Besides, your mind is occupied with ideas of the future, be it creating the next Flappy Bird or generating blueprints for tech start-ups such as Airbnb.

A natural leader, even if you might not always ooze confidence, you consider Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg your heroes. One of your dreams is to work in Silicon Valley, at Google – and not because of the legendary staff perks.

You would do well in Computer Science and Engineering or look at the double degree in Computer Science and Business as it offers you the best of both worlds – critical knowledge for making your own app with modules in advanced programming, software design and visualisation, as well as business processes such as accounting, business law and marketing to help you bring your dream company to life.

An education in the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering lets you get to the heart of various systems. For example, the school’s Satellite Research Centre allows students to be part of teams that build real satellites. NTU has launched four satellites into space so far, with two more scheduled to go up later this year.

Illustrious alumni from the School of Computer Engineering, which is ranked number one in the world for Computer Science in the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities, include Tan Chade-Meng, Jolly Good Fellow at Google and also the first Singaporean to work there.

« At 13, I created my own blog template, which sparked off my interest in computing. At first, I was interested in designing websites, but I now want to follow in the footsteps of popular companies such as Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve also created my own app called the Pasar Malam Locator, which has been downloaded over 1,000 times. »

- Jess Tan, Year 1, Computer Science

Story reproduced with permission from NTU’s magazine, HEY!, issue 21. For more HEY! stories, click here