Let me tell you about NTU – A Saravanan, Year 4 Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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By Chrystal Chan and Derek Rodriguez

A Saravanan
Year 4
Electrical & electronic engineering


Working on satellites is quite exciting, especially if it is with the United States Air Force Academy. I’d heard about the opportunity to do an internship in Colorado and decided to apply for it. Only one student from my course and another one from mechanical & aerospace engineering got to go.

When I was there, I created a programme that read raw data from sensors and converted it to the appropriate measurement units. I worked with Canadian, French and American cadets and even managed to launch it to space using a high-altitude balloon. It went up to 104,0a00 feet!

It went so well that after my internship, I decided to do my final-year project in the field of satellites, so I asked Assoc Prof Low Kay Soon, who heads NTU’s satellite centre, to be my supervisor. I’m working on a phone satellite project that will make use of a smartphone’s functionality in space, and my role is to programme the on-board computer system. My project will be launched into space in the near future.

I’m thankful for being in the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, as it has equipped me with a broad-based education where I’ve learnt about power systems, microelectronics, software programming and info-communication. All these come in handy when working with satellites, but even so, this is one of the most challenging projects I’ve done. While working on this project, I was put into situations where I had to pick up new skills on a daily basis. This is what studying electrical and electronic engineering has equipped me with.

Did you know?
  • Students with novel inventions and ideas can make use of the innovation garages at the school. Approved proposals receive funding and mentorship from professors, and will be developed in this space.
  • The school is home to two corporate labs set up with ST Engineering and Rolls-Royce, where students can work with engineers and apply what they’ve learnt to real-world problems.
  • NTU is ranked 7th worldwide for electrical and electronic engineering in the 2015 QS rankings.

Story reproduced with permission from NTU’s magazine, HEY!, issue 26. For more HEY! stories, click here