Systems on Silicon Manufacturing (SSMC)

Founded in 1998, SSMC is a joint venture of NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Buoyed by the demand for specialty integrated circuits due to the wave of the mobile communications, smart secure cards and connected vehicles, SSMC has established a R&D center to expand its process technology portfolio and increase its footprint in these niche capabilities supporting exciting yet secure applications for today and generations to come.

SSMC In Singapore

SSMC began manufacturing in Singapore in 2000 and, to date, has grown into a sought-after provider of wafer fabrication and foundry services, producing specialty wafers for Connected Car, Secured Connectivity, Portable, Wearable and Internet of Things applications.

As we journey towards a smart nation, SSMC’s chips will continue to be integral in all important applications that will enhance our standard of living and support technologies that modernize our business and lifestyle.

At SSMC, new hires build the core competency skills required to excel in their jobs through an individualized learning roadmap that supports their learning.

The SSMC University supports our employees’ learning and career development through various programs including collaboration with various educational institutions from NITEC to post graduate education as part of the integrated learning framework supporting their quest to be the best in class workforce. This learning and development framework emphasizes both depth and breadth offering ample technical training including short term assignments to parent organizations as well as a comprehensive leadership development program and further education sponsorship via S.E.E.D (Scheme for Employee Education and Development). We believe in building a lifelong learning culture through these talent development initiatives, our employees can look forward to better careers and develop mastery of skills to grow and support our future business.

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